We are already a functional project in the CELO network.

Q4 - Migration and distribution of tokens 2022

* Migration of smart contracts dedicated to records.

* White march of records in CELO.

  • Fees test.

  • Proof of records.

  • Speed test.

  • Test of operation of the platform and its correct use.

Q1 - Web and platform customization development for CELO. 2023

* Migration of the platform to CELO.

  • Swap.

  • NFT – Animal Registry.

  • FIRU contract.

* Change of tokens from FIRU-MOVR to FIRU-CELO.

  • Update of the Firulaix platform adapted to CELO.

  • Consensus of vesting and distribution of tokens.

  • Vesting consensus and token distribution.

* Implementations of the W.A.R.

  • Process of association of new Registrar Entities.

  • Add new smart contracts of animals, breeds and technical colors.

  • Generate API's of races and technical colors for worldwide use.

  • Associations and agreements with more companies and registration entities.

Q2 – Holders and LP block 2023 Entry of holders to the Vesting contract.

  • Smart contracts to add liquidity.

  • Smart contracts to stake the LP generated in the pairs.

  • The liquidity of our pairs will be in a smart staking contract blocked for 12 months.

  • Integration to Wallet Valora.

Q3 - Virtual adoptions and livestock modules 2023

  • Adoption module for shelters in our miniverse.

  • We will implement modules for livestock registration.

  • Beginning of the structure of the vaccine registry.

  • Connections API for electronic commerce.

Q4 – Development of new registration technologies 2023

  • We will run new chip's or registration hardware on farmed or captive animals.

  • We will begin identity development with a pet nose scan.

  • We will look for new registration and identity integration alternatives.

Throughout the year we will have campaigns to register wild animals and livestock with a calendar according to their season.

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