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Our Qolkrex foundation team is implementing the exchanges so that our petlovers can have the best usability and obtain their FIRU's quickly and safely.

FIAT to FIRU exchange:

This exchange can be done from our website, on the 2nd floor of the FIRU TOWER.

Exchange and liquidity of Cryptos to FIRU:

  • FIRU Token is listed on Ube Swap, you can make your exchanges with any token in the CELO network from this address.

  • To provide liquidity pairs, the main ones are: CELO - FIRU / CUSD - FIRU

  • On the 2nd floor of the FIRU TOWER in FIRUTOPIA they will also be able to make their exchanges and add liquidity to obtain very good benefits.


Pet implantation chip + Data registration in the blockchain + Adoption NFT + Administration address.


Entry: Acquire FIRU and save in your wallet

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