The community continues to grow waiting for records.



  • Distribute the cryptomeneda in establishments.

  • List on more DeFi platforms.

  • Promote commercialization in departments such as in LATAM.

  • Register different animals in captivity and wild (Cattle, fish, zoo animals).

  • Q2 – BETA Miniverse.

April – June 2022 .

  • BETA tests for the World Animal registry (Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia, El Salvador and Peru).

    • Delivery of keys for the registration entities.

    • Registries (registration entities, shelters and pets).

    • Queries (verification of registration entities, registered shelters, animal searches by ID and by connection to your wallet).

    • Android connection in the Swap (Floor 2 FIRU TOWER).

  • Q3 – White March

July -September 2022 .

  • Our white march begins and real tests of the records.

  • Smart contracts to add liquidity in our miniverse.

  • Creation of APIs for W.A.R. (World animal registry) usability services.

  • Distribution of registration chips to W.A.R. associates.

  • Hardware protocols and international pet card.

  • Q4 – Virtual Adoptions

October – December 2022 .

  • The Shelters space is enabled in our miniverse.

  • Smart contract for farming FIRU's.

  • Connections API for Ecommerce.

  • Chrome extension Qolkrex Wallet and Android.

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