Registration request

Form to request that your pet be registered (this is not a registry)

This form is used to make a request to register pets, remaining on the list so that the registration entities can proceed to carry out civil registries.

The registration entities, according to the country of the requests, proceed to register the pets, once the registration is done, they proceed to send the documents to the country of the adopter. (card, adoption certificate, if in case the adopter does not have a chip you can buy the chips you need).

  • It is important to reiterate that the records are based on the code of the chip implanted in the pet, then the data will be entered into the CELO blockchain through our platform, becoming an NFT smart contract and will remain there for life.

Make your registration request here...

Choose the "Registration Request" drawer.

Follow the steps and fill in the information required.

After filling in the data of the adopter, we proceed to fill in the data of the pet.

At the top you can make the payment in Fiat with any card in USD.

You can also make your payments in FIRU or CUSD(CELO network).

If your pet doesn't have a chip yet, don't worry, we can send it to you by clicking on the "My pet doesn't have a chip" check box.

If your pet is pedigree, you can attach your pedigree certificate.

If the parents of the pet also have a chip, you can register them and attach the codes in the boxes of the form to register their genealogy (applies to all).

Add a nice photo of your pet so it can be seen on the card and NFT once registered.

That's all, thank you very much for your request, we will contact you for the shipping costs, according to the country of origin.

You will receive an e-mail to verify your registration, any questions can enter our FIRULAIXCOIN telegram group.

Thank you very much for being part of this revolution in animal care, responsible ownership and being able to have the data of your pets worldwide in a decentralized way.

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