Firulaix frequently asked questions

¿What is Firulaix?

I am a project developed by BLOCKCHAIN ​​technology, my creators programmed to identify all my canine and feline friends with home or homeless, cattle, fish, in captivity or wild with a chip that has a unique code and will be linked with all the required data to register it in my blockchain adding a smart contract Erc-721, making them unique for eternity.

¿What is Firulaixcoin (FIRU)?

Firulaixcoin (FIRU) is an ERC-20 smart contract hosted on the CELO (CELO) network. Details:

Total Supply = 330,000,000

FIRU's. Digits = 8.

Symbol = FIRU.

¿What was I created for?

I am the first version of the FIRULAIX project, with the aim of generating a capitalization to be able to identify all my canine and feline friends who have a home or are on the streets. When my friends are identified, I will be able to share my virtual wallets with all of them so that they can have their own funds, managed by their owners and thus they can be treated in all clinical establishments, stores and airports. With this generate a trade dedicated to animals.

¿How will I achieve my goals?

With the capital raised we will create our own blockchain to register the codes of the chips that we will implant to all our friends, together with the ERC721 smart contracts we will achieve a unique registry. This first stage will be the beginning of the identification and traceability of other animals such as cattle, fish, farm birds, zoo animals, etc ... The approach we have is the authentication of my canine friends from birth, making them a traceability of generation after generation, ensuring their pedigree breed in a safe and efficient manner.

¿Do you need more details?

The blockchain is a super secure network that will help us link the chip code to the main registry in the blockchain and at the same time provide each animal user with an address that they can use to store my FIRU's tokens. The chips that we are going to implant are the size of a grain of rice and can hold valuable data for identification, location and verification to whom it belongs, imagine if we keep that safely in my own network in BLOKCHAIN ​​and additional To all this, I will have my own cryptocurrency so that all veterinarians, clinics and pet stores can receive them, we will achieve this thanks to our partners who are very important to us and are part of an association where there are more than 200 establishments, together with district municipalities, animal care centers, animal friends and others ...

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